Anti-fossil fuel protesters demand phase-out at COP28

By Ecomili

December 13, 2023 at 6:35 AM

STORY: The protesters, who carried a sign that read "End the fossil era", rallied a day after a draft text for a deal was released, which was criticized by many nations for failing to call for a "phase-out" of oil, gas and coal.

A climate activist from Samoa, Longi Taulafo, said without the phase-out written into the deal, it would mean death for his country and other small Island nations.

"We are not here just to make noise, we are here to forward our proposals to governments, to negotiators; so that we have a more ambitious outcome and tangible outcome of this COP," said Milena Sergeeva, an activist from Chile.

Negotiators from the nearly 200 countries at the Dubai summit are attempting to agree to a global plan of action to limit climate change fast enough to avert more disastrous flooding, fatal heat and irreversible changes to the world's ecosystems.


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